180 Rugby Team Names And Suggestions

Rugby team names play a significant role in representing the identity and spirit of a team.  A team name is often chosen to reflect the value of the team. The process of choosing a team name can be challenging. You should involve brainstorming sessions, team votes, or even fan input to ensure that the name resonates with both the players and supporters alike. Ultimately, a rugby team name is not just a label. It is a symbol of pride that unites players and fans under a common banner.

Here we provide the best collections of rugby team names. So, scroll down and choose the best name for your rugby team.

Rugby Team Names

These are some names for the rugby team.

  • One Kick Wonders
  • From The Centre Line
  • The Tag Collectors
  • Oztag In The Arvo
  • The Untouchables
  • My Sexton’s On Fire
  • True Blue Taggers
  • Nuts And Jugs
  • Live And Let Try
  • Win Or Lose On The Booze
  • Try Hard With a Vengeance
  • Ball Grabbers
  • Ref’s Nuts
  • The First Nowel
  • Quick Play Drills
  • Jackal That

Cool Rugby Team Names

These are some cool names for your team.

  • Tag Rugby Rippers
  • No Pococking Chance
  • Just Don’t Give a Ruck
  • True Blue Taggers
  • Tagamamas
  • Kick Tease
  • Footy, Not Soccer!
  • Oztag Fever Force
  • Heading North
  • The Tag Rugby Ranks
  • Stoked To Play
  • Legion Of Boom
  • Kicktators
  • Live And Let Try
  • Victorious Secret
  • Oztag Footy Force

Funny Rugby Group Names

These are some funny names for your group.

  • Dirty Bastareaud
  • Stonehenge
  • Cathy Rugby Team
  • Folau The Leader
  • Full Contact Outlaws
  • Roko And Roll
  • Influential Dodgers
  • Morgan a Feeling
  • Heading North
  • Prairie Wolves
  • Egg Chasers
  • Live And Let Try
  • Victorious Secret
  • Not On The Sidelines
  • Chilliboy Con Kearney
  • Inappropriate Touching

Rugby Team Name Ideas

These are some name ideas for the rugby team.

  • One Point Tries
  • First Steps Forward
  • Just Don’t Give a Ruck
  • Heading North
  • The Tag Shouters
  • The Fair Dinkum Force
  • Try Is The Limit
  • Crossing The Try Line
  • No Conversions
  • All Levels Of Fun
  • To Me, Toomua
  • Velcro Pants Chasers
  • Too Goode To Be True!
  • Schmidt-Faced
  • Bumping Into Penalties
  • Lethal Taggers
  • The Velcro Taggers
  • The Try Babies
  • Jackal That
  • Must Tag Sally
  • Running For Gaps
  • Blugolds

How To Choose a Name For The Rugby Team

Choosing the perfect rugby team name is an important step in fostering unity and pride among your players. Here we provide some points that help you to choose the best name for your rugby team.

  • Brainstorming ideas can reflect the team’s personality, location, or unique characteristics. Consider incorporating elements related to rugby’s rich history or cultural significance in your area by adding a deeper layer of meaning to your team’s identity.
  • Try to think about how your chosen name will resonate with fans and opponents alike, aiming for a name that’s memorable and easy to chant during matches. Ensuring the name is respectful and inoffensive is crucial, as it will represent your team in all interactions.
  • If you’re stuck, try mixing and matching words related to rugby, such as “Rugby” itself, “Scrum”, or “Tackle”, with adjectives or nouns that highlight your team’s spirit.
  • Online name generators specifically for sports teams can provide a creative spark if you’re looking for inspiration. Don’t forget to check for any trademarks or existing teams with the same or a very similar name to avoid legal issues.
  • Lastly, gather feedback from team members and supporters; after all, this name will be a badge of honor they’ll wear with pride on and off the pitch.

Final Words

If you are a rugby player and looking for a creative name for your rugby team, hope this article helps you to find the perfect name for your team. If you think that this article is helpful then you can share it with others. Let us know about your feedback in the comment box. Remember that before choosing a name always check whether your chosen name is available or not. Thank you so much for spending time with us. Hope to meet you again.

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